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Rogar Wine Openers (No longer available)

Quality Rogar Wine Openers

An effective, attractive wine bottle opener is an essential part of every wine enthusiast’s kit. A great wine opener eliminates the nuisance of broken, stuck corks so you can quickly and cleanly remove a cork every time. A Rogar wine opener is the perfect tool. Rogar wine openers are speed openers and can remove a cork in under a second. Originally developed in the late nineteenth century in response to demand from restaurants and bars for a safe, fast opener for professional use, the designs used for Rogar wine openers are just as effective today.

Rogar wine openers have been recognized as a premier product since the 1975 Vintner opener, based on the Champion cork removal system from 1897. This solid brass opener is now a collector’s item, but new product lines have stepped in to continue Rogar’s tradition of excellence. Rogar’s current Champion and Estate openers are also based on the Champion cork removal system. These wine openers as well as the Professional series openers are available in various finishes and have benefited from new materials and technology. Current Rogar openers are designed to handle new wider top bottles as well as standard bottles.

Rogar wine openers based on the Champion system can also recork your wine bottle should you choose to finish it another day. For fast, simple and effective cork removal, Rogar wine openers are the top choice of professionals and home users alike. For ease of use (or just ease of locating), many Rogar wine openers can be fitted with handles and table stands in wood or granite. A Rogar wine opener also makes an elegant gift.

If you already own a Rogar wine opener but want to switch out the handle or table stand for a new look, we carry Rogar table stands, handles and accessories as well.

All Rogar wine openers are made in the U.S.A.

Rogar products are no longer available.

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