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The Riedel Wine Decanter is something no glassware collection should be without. Wine decanters are an essential for the true wine connoisseur. The savvy wine drinker uses a wine decanter to bring out the best in all wines, although wine decanters have slightly different uses depending on the age of the wine in question.

One use of a wine decanter is to allow the wine to aerate or breathe. This is done with younger wines, which, if decanted for several hours before serving will allow the wine to mix with air and develop its unique subtleties of flavor. A wine decanter is preferable to just letting the wine sit open for a little while before serving, because the wine decanter allows much more of the surface area of the wine to come into contact with the air. The shapes of Riedel Wine Decanters are designed to allow the ideal amount of exposed surface area of the wine.

A word to the wine-wise: while using a wine decanter will enhance the flavors of a younger wine, older wines can actually fade from too much exposure to air. So when does an older wine benefit from the use of a wine decanter? When some wines, particularly reds, are aged, sediment forms at the bottom, a natural reaction that occurs due to color pigment and tannins bonding together. For the best drinking experience, a wine decanter can be used in the following manner: Keep the bottle upright for at least twenty-four hours before you want to use your wine decanter and drink the wine, to make sure the sediment has time to collect at the bottom of the bottle. Slowly pour the liquid from the bottle into a wine decanter, leaving the sediment behind. Briefly decanting an older wine in this way will keep sediment out of your glass.

Riedel Wine Decanters are elegant and graceful glass shapes that will complement your stemware and look beautiful on your table. Riedel wine decanters feature sculptural designs in lead crystal and are expertly crafted in Europe. However, these scintillating creations are also supremely useful. A Riedel Wine Decanter, when used correctly, can greatly improve your wine drinking experience. We carry a variety of Riedel Wine Decanters in shapes that range from the traditional to the abstract, all of which will enhance your wines through aeration and precipitation of sediment.

The notable French wine-maker, Christian Moueix, said this about using a wine decanter: "I prefer to decant wines, both young and old. It is a sign of respect for old wines and a sign of confidence in young wines."

Riedel Decanters Products

  • Riedel Amadeo Lyra Decanter
    Model # 1756/13
    Retail $398.00


  • Riedel Sommeliers Magnum Wine Decanter
    Model # 400/26
    Retail $525.00


  • Riedel Sommeliers Duck Wine Decanter
    Model # 1700/14
    Retail $379.00


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