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Humidity is essential to the proper maintenance of corks and labels. Ideal cellar humidity is between 50% and 70%, so most cellars will need a wine cellar humidification system. Wine Cellar Humidifiers come in several varieties so you are sure to find one that suits your cellar needs. For serious wine humidifier needs, through-wall wine cellar humidifiers can be connected to your cooling system for digital-perfect humidity and precise control. If you prefer your wine cellar humidifier to have a little more personality and add to your decor, choose a beautiful and unique fountain and mister as your wine humidifier.

Humidifier Fountains & Misters

You could choose a variety of humidification methods, but why not choose one that is both beautiful and functional? Our wine cellar humidifier fountains are unique functional art, designed to look as good as they work. All you hear is the soothing sounds of trickling water, all you see is a beautiful fountain. » Click Here for More Info

Wine Guardian Humidifier

Wine Guardian humidifiers are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance and reliability – just what you need to ensure that your fine wine collection ages at its finest. These humidifiers are available for ducted and ducted split systems as either integrated or freestanding units.

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La Crosse Temperature & Humidity Systems

Monitor and protect what’s important to you with La Crosse Alerts™ line of Wireless Remote Monitoring Devices with Early Warning Alerts.

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