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Cooling Systems

Wine cellar cooling units are not air conditioners. These special wine cellar cooling systems are specifically engineered to regulate the temperature and humidity for your wine cellar. Compare wine cellar cooling units. Each of the wine cellar cooling systems we carry has been tested by our wine cellar cooling unit experts. Wine cellar cooling units must be made to exact standards in order to perform the important task of protecting your investment. Sophisticated wine cellar cooling systems do much more than cool the room where your wine is stored. Modern wine cellar cooling units monitor and control both temperature and humidity, so your wines can age under perfect conditions. There are many types of wine cellar cooling units out there, but we offer only the best so you can have peace of mind when storing your wines!

Whether you need wine cellar cooling systems to cool a dozen bottles, or a more robust wine cooling system for thousands of bottles, the experts at Vintage Cellars can help you find the right cooling system for your needs. Take a look at the many difference wine cellar cooling systems that we currently offer. If you have any questions, Please call us today at 1-800-876-8789


BreezaireBreezaire is well-known by wine connoisseurs and collectors for producing outstanding wine cooling units for the wine lover who demands the best. Breezaire makes the perfect wine cooling units for the most detail-oriented wine enthusiasts, with technology fine-tuned to manage the needs of the most sensitive materials. Breezaire is designed for the most demanding wine connoisseurs, and is deeply committed to their products. We are a stocking dealer and can usually ship within 24-48 hours! » Click Here for More Info


WhisperKOOLWhisperKOOL is a world leader in professional wine cellar cooling systems. Temperature and humidity control are vital to the proper aging of your wine, and WhisperKOOL has a reputation among professionals for a high level of accuracy and control. A WhisperKOOL system will keep your wine perfectly cooled in a wide range of climates and conditions. » Click Here for More Info

Wine Guardian

Wine GuardianThe Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units are commercial grade, self-contained packaged coolers for professional wine cellars and storage facilities. These coolers are the most installation-friendly and versatile wine cellar cooling units on the market. Many of these features are unique to Wine Guardian and not found in any other systems. » Click Here for More Info


CellarProCellarPro cooling systems are designed to provide optimal storage conditions for wine cellars and cabinets. For the first time, wine collectors can control the temperature AND adjust the humidity inside their wine cellars with CellarPro cooling systems. The CellarPro cooling system represents a significant advance over existing wine cooler refrigeration technology. » Click Here for More Info

CellarCool CX Series

CellarCool CX SeriesThe CellarCool CX series cooling units include systems for wine cellars from 300 to 2000cu. ft. and are recommended for indoor installations. » Click Here for More Info

Koolspace KoolR/ChillR

Koolspace KoolR/ChillRKoolspace KoolR allows you to conveniently monitor temperatures outside your wine cellar with our lighted display. Let our super smart controls sense conditions in your room and adjust the power levels automatically. No need to fiddle with the fan and power settings. Our unit will run as quietly as your conditions allow. » Click Here for More Info

Cellar Monitoring

Cellar MonitoringWith wine cellar management systems and cellar monitoring, you can keep your collection safe and ensure that you can find the perfect bottle in minutes. The latest products from eSommelier and Sensaphone will provide the most dynamic methods to catalog your collection, while keeping it secure with cutting edge protection. » Click Here for More Info

Temperature Monitoring and Cellar Humidification

Temperature Monitoring and Cellar HumidificationWine Cellar Humidifiers come in several varieties so you are sure to find one that suits your cellar needs. » Click Here for More Info