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CellarPro Leather Storage Cooling Systems Products

  • CellarPro 1800QTL-L Leather Cooling System
    Model # 2182
    + $145.00 STD Shipping


  • CellarPro 4200VSi-L Leather Cooling System
    Model # 2185
    + $145.00 STD Shipping


Additional Product Information

Cellarpro Leather storage cooling systems are designed to maintain ideal temperate, humidity, and ventilation for the optimal storage of fine and antique leather collections. Traditional cooling systems will not provide the same level of climate control and have greater fluctuations than these units, which are designed specifically for the storage of fine leather collections. Optimal conditions for storing leather consist of steady temperaturs around 65-70 degrees farenheit with minimal fluctuations and relative humidity in the range of 45-55 percent with adequate airflow. Storing fine leather and especially leather antiques in less-than-ideal conditions is not recommended as it may greatly reduce the suppleness and lifespan of the leather Properly cared for and stored leather goods can last hundreds of years with little loss in quality. For anyone who is serious about their leather collection, creating a climate controlled leather storage space is a must. We offer two models of leather storage cooling systems, a smaller wall mount unit and a larger ducted unit. Both models come with condensate drainage tubes and a heating element to burn off excess condensate.

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CellarPro leather storage cooling systems are designed to maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions for fine leather collections.
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