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Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinets

Vintage Keeper (No Longer Available)

Vintage Keeper wine storage units are now at their lowest prices of the season. If you are in the market for a quality wine storage cabinet, and are looking to get the most bang for your buck, Vintage Keeper is the right place to look. Vintage Keeper wine cabinets offer the lowest cost per bottle of any wine storage cabinet, and right now they are on sale! Unlike other Vintage Keeper dealers, we will not charge extra for a light on your new Vintage Keeper wine storage cabinet - All Vintage Keeper lights are included free with the unit!

In addition to Vintage Keeper being the most cost effective wine storage unit on the market today, each Vintage Keeper wine cabinet also comes loaded with standard features. Every Vintage Keeper wine cabinet comes with a lock and key to keep your vintages secure. Every Vintage Keeper cabinet comes with an easy to install cooling system for perfect aging environments. Vintage Keeper wine cabinets keep your wine at the temperature you specify using the programmable, digital electronic controls. Other desirable features of all Vintage Keeper cabinets include multi-mode (hush, normal or turbo) operation, high temperature alarm, sensor calibration control and an air or liquid sensing quick-response digital probe thermometer.

Vintage Keeper cabinets are made of reinforced stackable heavy duty honeycomb plastic which allowed the opportunity for increasing the insulation levels while reducing the overall weight and size. The shelves are also made of plastic with metal support bars running throughout. The Vintage Keeper 240 wine cabinet holds approximately 220 bottles. A neat new feature for this generation of Vintage Keeper 240 cabinets: The current cabinets are "hot air up", meaning they need unobstructed air flow at top of cabinet, but this allows the cabinets to be placed closer to the wall at the rear of the cabinet. Now you can place your wine cabinet in more locations than ever before! Vintage Keeper 240 wine cabinets have bullet-proof Lexan glass doors (similar to Plexiglass).

Each Vintage Keeper comes with a full one-year no-hassle manufacturer warranty. An extended factory warranty is available for Vintage Keeper buyers who live in the 48 continental United States and Canada. (Not Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico.)Assembly required.

Vintage Keeper products are no longer available. Please see our other Wine Cabinets.

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