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The Riedel O Collection is an innovative re-imagination of Riedel design. The Riedel O wine glass is a stemless wine glass design. These minimalist glasses use the Riedel Vinum classic bowl designs but remove the lower half of the traditional wine glass design for a stemless wine glass that fits into the dishwasher and is less prone to being knocked over during a tasting. Riedel O wine glasses are born from the imagination of eleventh generation glassmaker Maximillian Riedel as an affordable and practical glass for the selective wine lover. The result is a stylish, modern take on the wine glass that will be as at home on your table as in your wine cellar.

Riedel O stemless wine glasses are machine blown in Europe from lead-free glass. The bowls are varietal-specific and feature designs that will enhance the qualities of your favorite wines. Riedel O wine glasses are available in a range of stemless wine glass designs for the red, white or sparkling wines of your choice. Attractively priced sets with a mix of glasses are also available, allowing your to stock your shelves with stemless wine glasses for a couple favorite varieties and still be able to buy a couple bottles to fill them.


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