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Refrigerated WineKeeper Systems

The WineKeeper preservation and dispensing systems are the choice of fine hotels and restaurants the world over, and the first choice of wine connoisseurs as well. With a wine preservation system like the WineKeeper, you don’t have to finish your bottle, or feel guilty about wasting it! The WineKeeper will preserve between 4 and 12 bottles of wine (depending on model) with nitrogen gas to prevent off flavors or colors caused by oxidation. Easily dispense wine from several bottles to serve guests or host a tasting without worry of wasting partial bottles.

A variety of WineKeeper preservation system configurations are available. Choose from a variety of woods and anodized aluminum finishes and decorative faucet bonnets to create a wine preservation system that will perfectly suit your home or wine bar. WineKeeper preservation and dispensing systems can cool, preserve and dispense both red and white wine--most systems have dual temperature zones. Each WineKeeper is custom built to your specifications with quality custom cabinetry, anodized metal or plastic laminate finishes depending on model. Design your perfect multi-bottle wine preservation and dispensing system today!

WineKeeper 2-bottle

Protect your wine for weeks using one of the tabletop size wine dispensing systems for two bottles. Our Keeper line offers a variety of finishes to choose from that cover the Nitrogen or Argon system that keeps your wine fresh.

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WineKeeper 4-bottle

Comfortably sized for home or restaurant display, our four bottle capacity WineKeepers are suited to the astute wine aficionado’s collection. Brad Schuette, Chuck’s of Hawaii general manager, calls them "spectacular displays for our fine wines."

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WineKeeper 6-bottle

Choose from a variety of red and white wine combinations and laminate or wood finishes to preserve six bottles of wine in these WineKeeper units. Keep your open bottles of wine fresh for weeks. "No question it has helped us grow our wine by the glass sales" The Stained Glass Wine Bar Bistro owner Michael Weyna confirms.

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WineKeeper 8-bottle

Whether installed in a commercial kitchen to certified specifications or augmenting a country club wine display, our eight bottle WineKeepers attract admiration. "They work wonderfully, and our customers love it" assure Carlos & Deborah Nieto, owners of the Carlos’ Restaurant. A range of finish options are available to suit any palate. Preserve and dispense wine with room for refrigerated backup bottles in these commercial grade units.

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WineKeeper 12-bottle

"WineKeeper dispensers are attention-getting and give our customers confidence that the wines they are ordering by the glass are truly fresh" vouch Carlos & Deborah Nieto, owners of the Carlos’ Restaurant. Engage restaurant patrons with a spectacular wine cabinet dispensing display, or keep your wines ready to pour by having this fabulous wine cabinet installed in a commercial kitchen.

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WineKeeper 16-bottle

With room for thirty-two bottles kept at temperature, and sixteen attached to the dispensing system, WineKeeper can preserve high volumes of open wine bottles for weeks. Michael Vitanza, owner of Divine Bar, assures "we go through hundreds of bottles of wine a night, so our WineKeeper gets a serious workout and performs very well…always served at the proper temperatures."

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