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Home Wine Cellar Conversion Project Newport Beach California

Converting a room into something functional can be a daunting task without the help of an expert. Wine cellar conversions require skills, knowledge, and creativity. Your wine room must be designed by a professional to ensure that it can protect your wines from harmful external factors, and can be a stunning addition to your home. In Newport Beach Orange County, Vintage Cellars recently completed a closet conversion project.    

Closet Conversion Custom Wine Cellar Project  

Newport Beach, California is considered a paradise because of its elegant charm and picturesque views. People usually love to spend their time enjoying the water activities on the beautiful beaches of this ocean front community. They also love sumptuous dining and drinking fine wines. Wine collecting has been a hobby for residential owners. 

Vintage Cellars have completed several custom wine cellar projects iNewport Beach. Investing in a wine cellar enables you to store your collection in a climate-controlled environment. It also allows you to add beauty and value to your home 

Wrecently had an installation project in a high-end home in the Crystal Cove Residential Development in Orange County. The client told us that he wanted to transform his seldom-used closet into a functional custom wine cellar, where they can store, manage, and display their favorite vintages.  

Stylish Design for an 812-Capacity Custom Wine Room 

The room has a width of 7 feet, depth of 5 feet, and ceiling height of 9 feet. In creating a wine rack design, we make sure that it can display our client’s fine wines impressively. We also see to it that the available space is maximized.  In this project, we used different wine rack combinations to achieve both the aesthetic and functional requirements of the owner. The maximum storage capacity of the custom wine room is 812 bottles.    

Wine Rack Styles and Features 

Newport Beach California custom wine rack design

The high reveal display row runs the entire length of the racking. This type of racking was designed to allow the owner to highlight some of his wines at a 15-degree angle. 

It also allows the wine to keep the cork’s moisture. When the cork dries up, its sealing ability will be affected, resulting in damaged or oxidized wine. 

Another benefit of the high reveal display row is convenience in browsing and identifying bottles.  

The left and right side walls have the style of racking.  They consist of rectangular bin storage below the high reveal display row.

Premium Redwood Racking Solid Diamond BinsThe top section has additional 4-level rectangular storage bins, and more individual bottle storage slots. The rectangular bins are very useful in grouping wines according to type, variety, or sizes of bottles. 

The front wall racking is the focal point of the Newport Beach Orange County wine cellarr. We included a solid arch tabletop with puck light installed above it. It features a lovely piece of art in a rectangular frame.

The tabletop is a good addition to a cellar because it provides a space for decanting and pouring wine. A few bottles of wine or stemware glasses can also be placed on the tabletop.   

Right above the solid arch are individual bottle openings intended for 750ml bottles. Below the tabletop are solid diamond bin cases, which are ideal for bulk storage. This type of racking allows the same type of wines to be stored on top of each other, resulting in a more effective management of your collection. It also allows maximum airflow between bottles.    

Gorgeous Wood Variety for the Wine Racking  

The material used for the racking determines the overall appeal of a wine storage space. Wooden wine racks are a favorite choice of wine collectors. 

We used Premium Redwood for the racking. This naturally beautiful wood variety is widely used in the construction of wine cellars. It has high resistance to decay and mildew, making it an ideal material for humid environments, such as wine cellars.   

The natural reddish color of Premium Redwood wine racks create an elegant ambiance in the cellar. The wood can have a deep red color as it ages. We stained the wine racks with a dark walnut color to match the flooring.  

Newport Beach Orange County Wine Cellar Designs by Vintage Cellars


Cooling the Newport Beach Orange County Home Wine Cellar  

custom wine cellar door Newport Beach California projectThe ideal storage conditions in wine cellars must be met in order for wine to reach its proper maturation before it is consumed. Wine can reach its full potential when it is stored in a refrigerated room with the capacity to maintain a temperature between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and a relative humidity of about 60-70 percent. An efficient wine cooling system can help achieve these storage conditions.   

In this project, Vintage Cellars used one of Wine Guardian’s self-contained units. It is a fully ducted, ¼ ton refrigeration system.

We placed the cooling equipment in the attic above the ceiling. It sits on a platform, with a drain pan underneath. If you don’t have an attic, the unit can be ducted up to 25 feet away from the wine cellar. 

Custom Wine Cellar Door 

The entryway is one of the most important components in building a wine cellar. Quality and well-designed doors will not only enhance the beauty of your wine room, but can also help maintain the right environment needed by wine for graceful aging. 

Your wine cellar door must be sealed properly to prevent the cool air from escaping the room, and the warm air from entering the cellar. In every installation project, we always make sure that our client’s door has the right sealing components. This will not only keep wine safe for years to come, but prevent the cooling unit from working harder than it should.  

We chose a dual pane Barolo glass door for this closet wine cellar in Newport Beach, Orange County. We installed weather stripping on all sides of the door, and a threshold at the base. Using dual pane glass has many benefits. These include more insulation compared to single pane, reduced condensation, and reduced noise. One can also have a sneak peek of the beautiful wine cellar through the dual pane glass 

Vintage Wine Cellars Can Help You Build Your Dream Wine Cellar 

Our team’s experience, passion and creativity helped us design and build stunning home wine cellars in Newport Beach Orange County, California. If you have a spare room that you want to transform into a functional wine room, please contact us at +1 (800) 876-8789 

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