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Vinotheque Estate wine cabinets are handcrafted by furniture artisans at Vinotheque and combined with top-notch cooling systems for an ideal wine storage environment. The Vinotheque Estate series is Vinotheque’s luxury line of cooled wine cabinets. The designs are elegant, and the attention to detail impeccable. Many cabinets are available in unique or exotic woods. Most Vinotheque Estate wine cabinets are available in a choice of door styles with or without windows, and a variety of options are available for moldings, racks and finishes. Our wine storage experts are ready to help you create your perfect Vinotheque Estate wine cabinet at 1-800-876-8789.

Vinotheque Alegria

A custom design cabinet inspired the Alegria. It was born to be a permanent cabinet in the Vinotheque collection. You’ll love the textural character of the grain and its lightly distress finish, which only improves with age. It is built to be a classic in any ones home.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Bacio Divino

The Vinotheque Bacio Divino wine cabinets are inspired by the Tuscan style of Italy. This series incorporates the use of Mahogany woods along with decorative metal straps and clavos, which, were used to create doors and cabinetry centuries ago.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Basic Window

The Basic Window QT or WhisperKOOL wine cabinets are defined by simple elegance. This cabinet style is comprised of full-length glass doors framed by wood veneer. The combination of the tinted glass and wooden door frames provide a uniquely classic view of your wine collection that will always be in style.

» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Boxed Up

This unique cabinet represents a celebration of wineries and wines. Its wooden exterior is an artistic mosaic of traditional wine shipping boxes, each with the distinct logo or title of a winery or specific wine brand. Overall, the cabinet’s design combines tradition with a modern, artistic expression reflecting the passion of collecting fine wines.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Chateau Montelena

The Vinotheque Chateau Montelena wine cabinet design incorporates sophistication and elegance in a full-length window door design. Inlayed columns of olive ash burl add a contrasting addition to the cherry wood exterior while adding intricate and beautifully complex patterns of burl wood.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Clos Pegase

Inspired by the grandeur of the legendary horse who broke the dam and allowed the wine god Bacchus to irrigate the vineyards, the Vinotheque Clos Pegase series combines a very classic look with the elegance any wine collector would be proud to own. The Vinotheque Clos Pegase series comes standard with the French window pane doors along with the detailed dentil moldings on the crown and base.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Diablo

The Vinotheque Diablo Wine Cabinet is a beautiful new design from Vinotheque. The Vinotheque Diablo incorporates a new glass style door with a series of mouldings to create a new and pleasing look for the discriminating wine collector. » Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Miner

The Vinotheque Miner design has been created based on the demand for our Victoria series design. We have taken a simple design on the cabinet and focused on making the wood frame more decorative and stylish. » Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Provance

The Provance wine cabinet showcases full-length tinted glass framed by hardwood panels and accented by an elegant arch at the top. The tinted windows minimize light exposure to protect the wine inside, yet still provide you with a view of your collection.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Victoria

The Vinotheque Victoria series is one of Vinotheque’s new designs. Inspired by Victorian era architecture, this design incorporates full-length arched windows, highlighted with elegantly styled windowpanes.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque AlumaSteel Cabinets

Vinotheque AlumaSteel cabinets are a new modern spin on Vinotheque wine storage. Vinotheque AlumaSteel wine cabinets are designed to fit perfectly with the other accouterments of a modern kitchen. » Click Here for More Info

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