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Rogar Estate Wine Openers

Rogar Estate wine openers are part of the premiere Rogar brand and feature the ease in uncorking and recorking that has made Rogar legendary. The Rogar Estate wine openers specialize in beauty and functionality, with a century-old technique for quickly and easily uncorking or recorking any bottle of wine. This makes a Rogar Estate wine opener an essential accessory for all wine lovers. Rogar Estate openers take the original design, patented in 1897, and enhance it with the best modern materials. The Rogar Estate wine openers are also graced with a beautiful exterior design, making them at home with any decor.

Rogar Estate wine openers are the fastest, easiest and most stylish way to open wine bottles. The Rogar Estate wine opener is beautifully hand-finished cast aluminum with an Antique Bronze or Vintage Silver finish. The beautiful details on the Rogar Estate wine openers feature an ornate raised design of grapevines and clusters of grapes.

All Rogar Estate wine openers can easily be clamped onto a bar, shelf or table. Rogar Estate wine openers can also be used with specially-designed Rogar wood or granite table stands. A Rogar Estate opener and table stand makes a great gift for the wine lover who is always searching for his corkscrew!


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