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Rogar Champion Wine Openers

Rogar Champion wine openers are part of the premiere Rogar brand. For speed and ease of use, you can’t beat Rogar and the Rogar Champion wine openers are no exception. Rogar Champion wine openers have the unique ability to uncork and recork wine bottles. These top of the line Rogar Champion wine openers are based on the original Champion cork removal system first produced in 1897 and still hard to beat today.

Rogar Champion wine openers available today are not only a functional recreation of the original Rogar Champion wine openers, they also feature the original artwork, a Jacobean vine and flower design. Die-cast zinc metal is used for the base of all the Rogar Champion wine openers. Nickel and Pewter finishes and wood or granite stand and handle options allow you to customize your Rogar Champion opener. It’s far more than just a pretty design, though--each Rogar Champion wine opener can uncork or recork a bottle of wine in less than one second. Rogar Champion wine openers can easily be clamped on a bar, shelf or table and they can also be used with our specially designed wood or granite table stands.


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