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Rogar Accessories

Rogar wine openers and other Rogar wine accessories are among the most respected wine openers available. Rogar wine openers have been world-renowned for speed and quality for over three decades. All Rogar openers are based on the Champion cork removal system, originally made by the Arcade Manufacturing Company more than one hundred years ago. This is the long lineage that Rogar wine openers and Rogar accessories come from -- the only wine openers with the unique ability to uncork and recork wine bottles.

Rogar wine openers take the original mechanical concept and have continued to enhance it by using the best materials modern manufacturing has to offer. Perhaps the most famous of the Rogar wine accessories, the Vintner wine opener, is no longer in production and is now a collectors item. However, quality Rogar wine openers are indeed still available for sale, and the Estate and Champion openers are the fastest, easiest and most stylish way to open wine bottles. Simply put, Rogar wine openers are as they have always been - fast, simple and foolproof.

Our selection of Rogar accessories includes their newest table stands and handles made of polished granite in five beautiful colors. These Rogar accessories benefit from the natural beauty of granite. Each Rogar table stand is uniquely beautiful, since the coloring and veining varies on all Rogar accessories fashioned from granite. Granite is a tough, durable stone - only diamonds are harder. Rogar table stands are also available in premium woods if you prefer to match your Rogar table stand to your wine racks or furniture. Rogar table stand and handle sets were created to give a new and luxurious look to both newer and older Rogar wine openers: Estates, Champions and even the out-of-production Vintners. Choose a new Rogar table stand to update the look of your opener and match your wine cellar decor.

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  • Rogar Tripod Table Stand
    Model # RO:0402
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