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Height 9 5/8"
Capacity 11 5/8 oz.

In 1973, in Orvieto, Claus Riedel presented the world's first gourmet glass series developed with the help of the Association of Italian Sommeliers (ASI). The series consisted of 10 sizes. Since then the world of wine has changed radically.

Today, regions and continents are producing wines that didn't exist or were unknown 25 years ago. The Sommeliers series was developed further by his son Georg, into an all-embracing state-of- the-art wine glass collection. Praised in 1991 by Robert Parker, Jr., publisher of The Wine Advocate, as "The finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel.

The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound. I cannot amphasize enough what a difference they make." Thanks to worldwide demand, Sommeliers is now the wineglass benchmark and the most successful series of hand-made glasses in the world. Each glass is individually made: the upper parts blown into a mould, the stem and base hand- crafted using methods developed at the time of Christ's birth.

Our glass-makers invest their talent, know- how and meticulous craftsmanship in making glasses of the impeccable quality our consumers expect. Sommeliers are executed in over 24% lead crystal.

Attention California residents. Proposition 65 warning.

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Champagne is the most northerly wine-growing region of France. Its chalky soil and unique climate both contribute to the naturally effervescent white wines for which it is so famous.

It was not until the 19th century that the technique of secondary fermentation in the bottle was finally perfected. The traditional coupe glass was actually developed for the particular style of sweet, bubbly dessert champagne popular at this period, obtained by adding an extra measure of 'dosage' (a mixture of wine and syrup), although fluted glasses were also used to avoid spillage when champagne was served at standing receptions. It was only around 1930 that the now familiar dry style of champagne became established.

Riedel recommends serving dry champagne in flutes, since these best bring out the fine aromas of the high-quality base wines from which it is made. Many wine-lovers unfortunately are quite unaware of this superb bouquet, since champagne is all too often served either in coupes or in glasses that are too small (and thus filled to the brim) - neither of which can convey any aromas at all.

This flute, filled with four ounces of champagne, concentrates the unique, yeasty bouquet of great champagnes, while emphasising their creamy texture on the palate. The bubbles are not allowed to dominate, but are part of the overall pleasure.

Recommended for: Champagne, Cuvée Prestige, Vintage Champagne, Vintage Sparkling Wine, Rosé Champagne.

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