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* Product image depicts Base Price Vintage Series Wine Cellar with optional Arched Window Doors w/ French Door upgrade and Dark Cherry stain upgrades for additional cost.
Breezaire WKCE Exclusively for Vintage Series Wine Cabinets
Current Wood / Stain Finish
Red Oak with Light Stain


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  • Natural

  •   Light

  •   Dark

  •   Light Cherry

  •   Medium

  •   Dark Cherry

  • Arch w/ Glass Window

  • Victorian with Window

  • Provence w/ Glass Window

  • Square w/ Glass Window

Door Options
Window Option [Add $543.00]
Upgrade French Door 4 Pane [Add $257.00]
Upgrade French Door 6 Pane [Add $257.00]
Upgrade Raised Molding (Square Window Only) [Add $314.00]
Security Lock (Set of 4) [Add $200.00]
Cellar Options (check the box to purchase)
Interior Light [Add $64.00]
Upgrade Gloss Finish [Add $343.00]
Set of 6 Casters [Add $174.00]
Angle Display Feature [Add $136.00]
Cooling System Options
Breezaire WKCE 2200BTU [Add $279.00]
Side Venting [Add $179.00]
Dual Zone Feature [Add $565.00]
Wood Options
Upgrade to Cherry [Add $929.00]
Upgrade to Mahogany [Add $929.00]
Upgrade to Maple [Add $929.00]
Upgrade to Alder [Add $929.00]


Height 40"
Width 68"
Depth 21 1/2"
Capacity Approx: 142 Bottles., Inrack: 96, Top: 46

Limited Warranty (USA Only)

WINE CELLAR IMPRESSIONS INC. (WCI) warrants our products free from defects in material and workmanship and agrees to repair any part of the cabinet or cooling unit, which proves defective under these terms and conditions. Any alteration, repair or attempted repair of the cabinet and cooling unit by anyone not authorized by WINE CELLAR IMPRESSIONS INC. will void all warranties.
Before contacting WCI please have to following information: The original purchase order number and invoice number. This information can be found on the packing list inside your cellar when delivered. The model and serial number of the cooling unit, this can be located on the rear of the cooling unit. This information will be need for warranty and to determine that type of unit you have.


For 3 years (36 months) on construction of the cabinet. If a problem is suspected with the cabinet please contact WINE CELLAR IMPRESSIONS, INC. There will be no charge for any replacement or freight in the first year (12 months). Warranty from the 13th of the 36th month, there will be no charge for replacement and the customer will be responsible for all freight charges and installation.


What WCI will pay for:
During the first 12 months WCI will pay for labor and parts to repair the unit at our service department. Additionally purchaser will pay the cost of shipping the unit to and from our service department. During the 13th to 60th months WCI will pay for the parts to repair the unit at our service department. WCI will not pay for labor or shipping to and from service department.
What WCI will NOT pay for:
Installation or removal of the unit from cabinet. Handling or packaging of the unit. Repairs performed by anyone other than WCI service department. Any other damages, whether incidental, consequential or otherwise. Do not return a unit without authorization from WCI Service Department.


WINE CELLAR IMPRESSIONS INC. does not warrant any damage caused by:
  • Shipment of the unit (any shipping damage must be presented to the freight company within 10 days of delivery)
  • Installation or removal of the unit.
  • Inadequate ventilation for cooling unit that does not follow our installations. Keeping the condenser (hot) side of the cooling unit clean of lint and dirt.
  • Accident, misuse, abuse, fire, water, lightning, unauthorized modification, electrical power surges or failure to follow the provided instruction.
  • Repairs performed by anyone other than WINE CELLAR IMPRESSIONS INC.
WINE CELLAR IMPRESSIONS INC. is not responsible for any damage to wine.
WINE CELLAR IMPRESSIONS INC. will not accept any cabinets return after three months (90 days).


WINE CELLAR IMPRESSIONS INC. requires you to provide the original purchase order number and invoice number to obtain warranty. This information can be found on the packing list inside your cellar when delivered. WCI service department will help to determine the problem with the cooling unit and the best way to return the product. WCI will give you a RMA form to return with the unit. No unit will be accepted without the RMA or collect in freight. Please contact WINE CELLAR IMPRESSIONS, INC. at 408-277-0100 for warranty information and return procedures.

Optional Door Upgrades:

Cooling Option

Breezaire WKCE1060 (standard)
Breezaire is committed to producing wine cooling systems that satisfy the stringent requirements of collectors and wine enthusiasts. Breezaire wine cabinet cooling units can maintain the perfect aging environment in your wine cabinets.

Breezaire WKCE2200 (upgrade option)
Put a little more punch to your cabinet cooling system. The key to having good wine is to keep your storage chilled at an optimal temperature level. With Breezaire WKCE2200 upgrade, more heat is extracted from your wine cabinet in less time keeping the temperature stable and maintaining the perfect aging environment for your wine.

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Product Description

The Vintage Series 4 door single-deep credenza is a beautifully crafted console style furniture piece with a Bre ezaire cooling unit to keep your wine at the ideal temperature for aging. Digital controls ensure accurate temperature management and thermopane windows keep sunlight out. The interior of the Vintage Series Credenza is filled with all heart redwood racking to hold all your bottles securely. The Vintage Series 4 door single-deep credenza is available in Oak with a choice of several finishes. Several door styles are also available, along with raised molding upgrades. The Vintage Series 4 door single-deep credenza holds approximately 142 bottles and will add elegance--and wine!--to any room of your home.

Vintage Series Credenzas are available in 2, 3, or 4 door styles and single- or double-bottle depths. The Vintage Series 4-door Double Deep Credenza is available here.

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