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Dispensers & Preservation

Wine Dispensers allow you to preserve your wine longer

A wine dispenser is a great way for at-home wine enthusiasts as well as establishments which serve wine to make sure every bottle of wine is good to the last glass! Wine dispensers offer a great value, and increase the value of every bottle of wine you dispense.

Let us help you choose the best wine dispenser to fit your wine preservation and dispensing needs. Vintage Cellars offers a variety of wine dispensers, and we are confident we have the perfect wine dispenser that will suit you. Wine dispensers use compressed gas cylinders, with each disposable cylinder having the ability to preserve and dispense up to 25 bottles of wine. All of our wine preservations systems have been tested by wine experts to ensure that they maintain the quality and integrity of each wine down to the last glass.

Our wine professionals can walk you through the easy set up process for wine dispensers: Uncork the wine and insert the dispenser’s stopper faucet. Plug in the gas source, and dispense your wine into glasses for serving. After using the wine dispenser, unplug the tubing and store the unfinished bottles. Wine that is served with a wine dispenser should be stored the same way you would store that wine were you not using the dispenser: Bottles of white wine in the refrigerator and red wines in your wine cabinet or at your bar.

Searching for the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast in your life? Wine dispensers offer a great way to support burgeoning wine connoisseurs in developing and maintaining a wine collection. A wine dispenser is also an impressive gift for seasoned wine enthusiasts who enjoy entertaining. Whether you are a beginning wine enthusiast, or have been collecting wine for years, there is no better way to preserve your wine than with a wine dispenser from Vintage Cellars. Please call us today at 1-800-876-8789

Winekeeper Preservation Systems

The WineKeeper preservation and dispensing systems are the choice of fine hotels and restaurants the world over, and the first choice of wine connoisseurs as well. With a wine preservation system like the WineKeeper, you don’t have to finish your bottle, or feel guilty about wasting it! The WineKeeper will preserve between 4 and 12 bottles of wine (depending on model) with nitrogen gas to prevent off flavors or colors caused by oxidation. Easily dispense wine from several bottles to serve guests or host a tasting without worry of wasting partial bottles.

A variety of WineKeeper preservation system configurations are available. Choose from a variety of woods and anodized aluminum finishes and decorative faucet bonnets to create a wine preservation system that will perfectly suit your home or wine bar. Each WineKeeper is custom built to your specifications depending on model. Design your perfect multi-bottle wine preservation and dispensing system today!

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EuroCave Wine Preservation System

EuroCave of Lyon, France was the first to develop a refrigerated wine cabinet able to replicate the natural conditions of a chateau wine cellar, the Utopian environment for any wine. The advanced technology and hand-craftsmanship that go into every EuroCave are second to none, as is the uncompromised protection.

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