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Koolspace KoolR/ChillR (No Longer Available)

The Koolspace KoolR, previously known as Koolspace ChillR line of wine cellar cooling systems features a lighted exterior display for precise monitoring of your cellar at all times. You can be confidant that the Koolspace KoolR will keep your wine at its optimal temperature with high-tech features and efficient design. The Koolspace KoolR senses conditions in your cellar and adjusts power levels to keep the temperature and humidity within ideal ranges at all times. No need to fiddle with settings and no worry about whether your cellar is going to stay perfectly chilled--your collection is safe in the care of the Koolspace KoolR.

The Koolspace KoolR also features superior energy efficiency, a multi-level vibration suppression system for quiet chilling and alarms for both high humidity and high temperature. Koolspace KoolR units are compact and efficient solutions for small to medium wine cellars.

Whether you are looking for the KoolSpace KoolR 1200, or the KoolSpace KoolR PICOLOG, or the KoolSpace Kool R MAGNUM, Vintage Cellars is the place to choose the right KoolSpace wine cooler. We have a large variety of the top of the line KoolSpace wine coolers to ensure that you get the right cooler for your needs. Please call us today at 1-800-876-8789

Koolspace KoolR Wine Cellar Cooling Systems are no longer available. Please see our other Cooling Units.


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