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The Keeper Nitrogen Basic (750 ml)


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Product Specifications

Height 11 3/8"
Width 4 1/8"
Depth 5 5/8"
Capacity 375ml - 1.5l bottle. 20 to 24 Bottles of wine per canister
Weight 4 lbs

System Includes:

  • One stopper faucet
  • Single-stage regulator
  • 1 disposable Nitrogen gas canister (20-24 bottles of wine per canister)

Note: In keeping the environment in mind, you may also recycle your empty canister as a steel can. For more information call your local recycling facility.

WineKeeper 1 year Warranty

WineKeeper warrants this equipment to be free of defective materials and faulty workmanship for one year, F.O.B. WineKeeper, Cotati, California or with proof of purchase date. Any equipment package found defective and returned, freight prepaid, during this period will be repaired and replaced. The right of determination of warranty applicability is solely reserved by the manufacturer. It is necessary that all equipment instructions be followed closely. This warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged by improper installation, neglect, accident, misuse, or as a result of service or modification by other than an authorized WineKeeper service center. Use of regulator or accessories, other than those supplied by WineKeeper, voids all warranties. No products liability or liability for subsequent or consequent property or personal damage is assumed or implied by manufacturer or any authorized dealer or distributor.

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Questions and Answers

Product Description

The Keeper Wine Preservation System is one of the simplest wine dispensing and preservation systems. Just uncork your wine, put in the stopper, plug in nitrogen and serve. After serving, just unplug the nitrogen and store the bottle in your fridge or bar. With the Keeper nitrogen wine preservation system, you can just have a glass and save the rest. Nitrogen displaces oxygen inside your bottle, preventing the negative effects of oxidization on your wine. It is a split 750 liter that can go up to Magnum, depending on the size of the bottle neck. The Keeper makes a great gift! We also carry a The Keeper Gift Set, which is the wine preservation system plus extra canister and stopper faucet, as well as The Keeper with Argon.

See below for a list of what is included with your Keeper, and keep in mind that the system is easily expandable with the purchase of an extra stopper faucet (also available in sets of 2, 4, and 6).

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