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Humidifier Fountains & Misters

Only a few top-of-the-line cooling systems also offer humidification, yet humidity is crucial to aging wine. If you live in a dry climate, you probably need to add humidification to your wine cellar. Proper humidity keeps corks moist, which in turn keeps air out of your wine, so humidification can be a crucial factor in your wine cellar.

You could choose a variety of humidification methods, but why not choose one that is both beautiful and functional? Our wine cellar humidifier fountains are unique functional art, designed to look as good as they work. All you hear is the soothing sounds of trickling water, all you see is a beautiful fountain. We carry a variety of decorative humidifiers to meet a variety of size, price and aesthetic considerations, so you are sure to find a humidifier fountain that will suit your wine cellar.

All our humidifier fountains use standard 110v plugs. As water dissipates into the air, humidifying your cellar, you will need to add distilled water to the reservoir. We also carry mister/fogger attachments for our fountain humidifiers.

Floor Fountain Humidifiers

There are many ways to add humidity to your wine cellar, but few are as charming as a floor fountain humidifier. » Click Here for More Info

Table Top Fountains

A table top fountain is a lovely, artistic choice for wine cellar humidification. Tabletop fountain humidifiers add humidity to the air through the evaporation of the moving water. » Click Here for More Info

Wall Fountain Humidifiers

If you have managed to complete a wine cellar without filling every inch of wall space with wine racks, consider finishing it off with a wall fountain humidifier.» Click Here for More Info

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