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Three of Vintage Cellars' new Monterey WineKeeper wine preserver and dispenser products bear Intertek's ETL certification, which is the fastest-growing product safety certification mark in North America. Products with the ETL Listed Mark have been tested in the Electrical Testing Labs and have met product safety standards. The mark also indicates that the manufacturer's production site conforms to compliance measures and is subject to follow-up inspections.

The Monterey 4-Bottle ETL WineKeeper, Monterey 8-Bottle ETL WineKeeper, and Monterey 12-Bottle ETL WineKeeper are all ETL-certified wine dispensers. ETL certification is recognized in all 50 states as well as Canada, and the Monterey ETL wine dispensers were developed specifically to show this proof of safety. The mark indicates that these product meet all North American safety standards, and they also been approved by NSF and UL.

The Monterey ETL WineKeepers work just like our other WineKeeper products products: they cool, preserve, and dispense several bottles of wine, allowing you to have a glass and save the rest for later. They are the first choice of fine restaurants, hotels, and wine connoisseurs, and their convenience and style make them perfect for use in bars or at home as well. The Monterey ETL WineKeepers pour a perfect glass of wine every time, and they have separate temperature configurations so that you can chill both red and white wines. And the best part is that by purchasing an ETL-certified wine dispenser, you get the additional assurance that the product has been approved by the Electrical Testing Labs.

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