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Magnum Wine RacksMagnum Wine Racks
4 foot
3 foot

This versatile magnum wine bottle storage wine rack allows for a variety of different-sized bottles to be stored together in the same wine rack. Wine bottles ranging from a standard 750 ml size all the way up to a double magnum can be easily stored in the same space due to the larger bin format design. Available in a variety of styles and display options, the WineMaker magnum wine rack can accommodate just about any ceiling height.

4 foot
Capacity: 28 Magnums or 58 standard sized bottles
Dimensions: 39 3/4H x 26 5/16W x 7 15/16D

3 foot
Capacity: 20 Magnums
Dimensions: 35 15/16H x 26 11/16W x 8 3/4D

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