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Climadiff Wine Cabinets (No Longer Available)

Climadiff, the leading wine cabinet specialist in France, results from a meeting between the household electrical appliance sector and the two-century old wine tradition. From this unique dual culture, Climadiff now uses with passion its incomparable expertise in designing its very high quality wine cabinets within reach of the greatest number of wine lovers.

Perfect for real wine lovers and for beginning collectors, Climadiff multi-purpose wine cabinets are conceived to keep wines between 10° and 14°, while providing cooling or/and conditioning zones (only in certain models). While preserving the quality of your most precious bottles over time, this wine cabinet also allows you to have selected bottles permanently available at the optimum serving temperature.

Several precisely adjustable temperature zones

Naturally layered temperature zones provide each wine shelves with specific conditions depending on usage: 12°C to 14°C for long-storage, 9°C and 18°C for immediate serving. For more precise adjustments, some models are equipped with several separate compartments, each with their own temperature control device. With the winter system, a standard or optional feature, you can install your Climadiff wine cabinet in a room where temperatures may drop to 0°C.

Climadiff products are no longer available. Please se our other Wine Cabinets.


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