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Cellarpro Audio Visual Equipment Cooling Systems

CellarPro Audio-Visual cooling systems are designed to maintain cool, constant temperatures for AV equipment rooms and cabinets. Controlling heat build-up can be a challenge when designing an audio visual equiment room or AV cabinet. Without proper ventilation & cooling, even changes of just ten degrees can shorten the lifespan of your AV equiment. Temperature fluctuations higher than this are common, especially in enclosed spaces, and can cause your audio visual components to shut down, or worse fail altogether. Choosing the right cooling & ventilation system for your setup is a crucial part of maintaining the integrity of your system. Cellarpro audio visual cooling & ventilation systems are designed specifically for this kind of equipment and have variable high speed fans for super-quiet operation that won’t create distracting noises coming from your AV cabinet. We offer a range of systems that will provide adequate cooling for high-density AV cabinets, audio visual equipment racks, and larger AV equipment rooms.

Need to know if a CellarPro AV cooling system will meet your specialty refrigeration needs? Call us at 1-800-876-8789 for expert assistance in selecting the right audio visual equipment cooling unit.» Click Here for More Info

CellarPro Beer Cooling Systems

The Cellarpro beer cooling systems are designed specifically around the temperature and humidity requirements for the optimal storage and aging of fine craft beers. Aging beers you say? That’s right. Under the right conditions, certain varieties of beer can improve vastly with cellaring. Generally these are darker beers with an alcohol content above 9%, such as barleywines, imperial stouts, or belgian strong ales. The higher sugar and alcohol content of these maltier beers will mellow and become more complex when aged anywhere from 6 months to 15 years. Most beers that age well in beer cellars are also bottle conditioned and corked. It’s important to keep in mind that, like aging wine, the humidity in your beer cellar will play an imortant role in keeping your beer’s cork from drying out. Ideal humidity for storing beer is anywhere from 45 to 60 percent and within a temperature range of 45-55 degrees farenheit. Regular refrigerators, which are designed to limit moisture, will not provide ideal conditions for aging your beers. Cellarpro Beer Cellar refrgeration units are designed specifically to maintain these optimal conditions. We offer two Cellarpro beer cellar cooling units, a larger ducted unit and a smaller unit designed for wall installation. Both units include condensate drain lines with heating elements to burn of excess condensate.

Need to know if a CellarPro beer refrigeration system will met your beer cellar needs? Call us at 1-800-876-8789 for expert assistance in selecting the right beer cellar cooling unit.» Click Here for More Info

CellarPro Leather Storage Cooling Systems

CellarPro leather storage cooling systems are designed to maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions for fine leather collections.» Click Here for More Info

Segreto Folding Wine & Spirits Bar

Italy’s secret to saving space unfolds. Open the doors to this handsome entertainment piece made in Italy and watch the secret (segreto) unfold: a smart configuration of storage areas designed to support a fully stocked bar! Hand-made in Tuscany from hardwood and veneers. Hand-stained with an Old Oak or Old Cherry finish and detailed with antiqued brass knobs.

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Siena Wine Credenzas

Let impassioned Italian design steal your heart. Leave it to Italy’s finest craftsmen to make you fall in love with furniture. These premium-quality wine credenzas are hand-made and hand stained.

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Transtherm Castel and Ermitage wine cellars offer both cooling and heating—they can be used in temperatures ranging from 32-95 F, perfect for unconditioned garages and regions where temperatures have wide variations.

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Trilogy Wine Cabinets

Trilogy Furniture Wine Cabinets are ultra-quiet state-of-the-art thermoelectric cooling housed in luxurious stained wood cabinets. A master touchscreen panel allows separate adjustment of temperature from 54 to 66 degrees for each of the compartments. Enjoy the extra capacity of three 16-bottle compartments; remove the shelves to fit even more bottles! » Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Alegria

A custom design cabinet inspired the Alegria. It was born to be a permanent cabinet in the Vinotheque collection. You’ll love the textural character of the grain and its lightly distress finish, which only improves with age. It is built to be a classic in any ones home.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Basic Window

The Basic Window QT or WhisperKOOL wine cabinets are defined by simple elegance. This cabinet style is comprised of full-length glass doors framed by wood veneer. The combination of the tinted glass and wooden door frames provide a uniquely classic view of your wine collection that will always be in style.

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Vinotheque Bella Vista

Elegance and affordability come together to create this truly unique full-length window door style.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Boxed Up

This unique cabinet represents a celebration of wineries and wines. Its wooden exterior is an artistic mosaic of traditional wine shipping boxes, each with the distinct logo or title of a winery or specific wine brand. Overall, the cabinet’s design combines tradition with a modern, artistic expression reflecting the passion of collecting fine wines.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Credenzas

The credenza is a piece of functional furniture, which is characterized by having a long flat top, and lots of bottle storage space below. This design can be seen in restaurants, and private homes, and the credenza has a number of potential applications.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Provance

The Provance wine cabinet showcases full-length tinted glass framed by hardwood panels and accented by an elegant arch at the top. The tinted windows minimize light exposure to protect the wine inside, yet still provide you with a view of your collection.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Reserve Series

Vinothéque’s Reserve Series represent a perfect blend of refined technology and artisan workmanship. As a result, our cabinets are sophisticated, self contained wine storage solutions that serve as refined functional extensions to your furniture and decor. Whether you have an empty closet or an unused corner, we have a cabinet to fit your needs.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Villa & Reservoir

The Vinotheque Villa & Reservoir wine cabinets are designed to bring the elegance of Vinotheque cabinets to every home. Vinotheque Villa & Reservoir wine cabinets are constructed with Alder wood, finished in your choice of three beautiful finish options, and finally glazed distressing gives each Vinotheque Villa & Reservoir wine cabinet a unique appearance. » Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Windsor

This beautiful wine cabinet features full-length window doors and mahogany universal racking to hold and display a wide variety of bottle styles. Custom carved corbels adorn the doors and moldings.» Click Here for More Info

WineKeeper 2-bottle

Protect your wine for weeks using one of the tabletop size wine dispensing systems for two bottles. Our Keeper line offers a variety of finishes to choose from that cover the Nitrogen or Argon system that keeps your wine fresh.

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Winekeeper Preservation Systems

The WineKeeper preservation and dispensing systems are the choice of fine hotels and restaurants the world over, and the first choice of wine connoisseurs as well. With a wine preservation system like the WineKeeper, you don’t have to finish your bottle, or feel guilty about wasting it! The WineKeeper will preserve between 4 and 12 bottles of wine (depending on model) with nitrogen gas to prevent off flavors or colors caused by oxidation. Easily dispense wine from several bottles to serve guests or host a tasting without worry of wasting partial bottles.

A variety of WineKeeper preservation system configurations are available. Choose from a variety of woods and anodized aluminum finishes and decorative faucet bonnets to create a wine preservation system that will perfectly suit your home or wine bar. Each WineKeeper is custom built to your specifications depending on model. Design your perfect multi-bottle wine preservation and dispensing system today!

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EuroCave Wine Preservation System

EuroCave of Lyon, France was the first to develop a refrigerated wine cabinet able to replicate the natural conditions of a chateau wine cellar, the Utopian environment for any wine. The advanced technology and hand-craftsmanship that go into every EuroCave are second to none, as is the uncompromised protection.

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Marvel Wine Cellars

Marvel Pioneered the premium undercounter wine category, and our decades of experience are on display with a wide variety of capacities, convenience features, single and dual zone models, and stacking combination units.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Roma

Vinotheque Roma cabinets and credenzas are designed to evoke the wine storage barrels and tanks of vineyards. They feature a full wood door. » Click Here for More Info

Vintage Series Galaxy Wine Cellars

Vintage Series Galaxy wine cabinets are double insulated for cooling performance. They can hold hundreds of bottles in all sizes and have an attractive finish that will enhance your home.» Click Here for More Info

VintageView Evolution Wine Racks

Evolution is a label-forward wine storage system. Evolution is customizable and designed for residential and commercial applications that desire a modern wine storage display with a distinct flair.

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Vinotheque Estate Series

Vinotheque Estate wine cabinets are handcrafted by furniture artisans at Vinotheque and combined with top-notch cooling systems for an ideal wine storage environment. The Vinotheque Estate series is Vinotheque’s luxury line of cooled wine cabinets.» Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Sienna

Vinotheque Sienna cabinets offer the high quality and style of Vinotheque in a simple, classic design that will complement every home. Vinotheque Sienna wine cabinets feature a full window door with UV resistant glass to protect your wines. » Click Here for More Info

Cellar Wine Racks

One of the most visible aspects of your wine cellar is your wine racks. Your wine racks are also directly responsible for keeping your bottles organized and safe. You should therefore select your wine racks for your wine cellar with both strength and visual appeal in mind. We carry a great selection of wood and metal wine racks from top manufacturers, so you can rest assured that when you purchase from Vintage Cellars you are getting a high quality wine rack that will last for many years. » Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Credenza Villa Series

Vinotheque makes some of the most beautiful and practical wine storage cabinets available. The elegant Vinotheque Credenzas are no exception. » Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Venetian

Vinotheque Venetian wine cabinets feature a full glass window door with UV resistant glass to protect your wines. The door is framed with decorative moldings that make this cabinet at home with classic furniture. » Click Here for More Info

VintageView 3 Foot Wine Racks

VintageView 3 foot wine racks are available in single, double and triple row models and offer unmatched space efficiency.» Click Here for More Info

Split Systems

We are proud to offer the best split system wine cooling units on the market today. These are state of the art refrigeration systems, with options such as an electronic thermostat and humidistat, humidifier, reheat coils and alarm modules. These sophisticated wine cooling systems can maintain optimum cellar conditions even in very dry, wet, hot or cold climates. These split system wine cooling units, once they have been properly outfitted for your wine cellar and climate conditions, will maintain proper temperatures between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 60 to 80 percent--no matter what. Split system wine cooling units are also both quiet and unobtrusive, because only the intake and outtake grills will be visible in your cellar and the condenser is situated outside your cellar for noise reduction. » Click Here for More Info

Vinotheque Studio

The Studio Series is a purposeful entry-level wine cabinet that comes with renowned quality and wine storage engineering expertise in an effective and economical wine storage cabinet. The twist is the Studio has a full length tinted window door that offers the same effective temperature regulation and associated humidity control along with a practical size that will fit into almost any space, you can all enjoy your collections of wine knowing they have been well preserved.» Click Here for More Info

WhisperKOOL Cabinet Systems

WhisperKOOL Cabinet Cooling Systems offer quiet and efficient operation in cabinets and other restricted spaces. WhisperKOOL Cabinet Systems make excellent replacement units for other cabinet cooling units.» Click Here for More Info

Wine Credenzas

Wine credenzas are a very popular choice in wine storage. They come in a wide range of sizes and the top surface provides a built-in tasting table or sideboard. » Click Here for More Info

CellarCool CX Series

The CellarCool CX series cooling units include systems for wine cellars from 300 to 2000cu. ft. and are recommended for indoor installations. » Click Here for More Info

CellarPro Specialty Cooling Systems

CellarPro refrigeration systems can be used for a variety of specialty applications that require cool temperatures with minimal fluctuations, high humidity and ample airflow. With variable speed fans for super-quiet operation, CellarPro high-performance refrigeration systems are designed to handle the most extreme environments.» Click Here for More Info


N’Finity wine cabinets bring together great features at a reasonable price. The sleek design and blue LED lighting make N’Finity wine cabinets a perfect fit for modern homes. » Click Here for More Info

VintageView 4 Foot Wine Racks

VintageView’s 4 foot high wine rack options, including single, double and triple row models. » Click Here for More Info

VintageView Magnum Racks

VintageView’s sideways wine rack design, sized to accommodate magnum bottles.» Click Here for More Info

WhisperKOOL Slimline

WhisperKOOL Slimline Above-Door cooling systems are designed to fit over the door of small wine cellars and provide very efficient and accurate cooling.» Click Here for More Info

Kessick Wine Cellars

Kessick is a wholesale manufacturer of high quality Sapele Mahogany wine cellar racking made in the US. Kessick wine racks are unique to the industry in quality, design flexibility, wood type, finish options and are shipped fully assembled.» Click Here for More Info

WhisperKOOL InCellar

The InCellar provides a whole new way to cool your cellar and control the warm exhaust air. By placing the ENTIRE system in the cellar, cooling operation goes unnoticed in the adjacent space. The WhisperKool InCeller wine cooling system offers an industry first top facing exhaust to duct the warm air out of the home or into the attic. Say goodbye to a wine cooling system blowing warm air and making noise in your hallway or game room.» Click Here for More Info

Marvel Professional Wine Cellars

Our premium, professional-style products are the result of 120 years of refrigeration leadership. Striking stainless steel accents, flawless fit and finish , and smooth, solid mechanics . Advanced cooling systems that keep your wines, beverages, and food at just the right temperature. It’s truly a product built for your enjoyment.» Click Here for More Info

Vintage Series Legacy Credenza

Legacy wine credenzas feature a solid cherry hardwood or red oak door with a choice of trim options, a beautiful light cherry or red oak stain and fine furniture finish.» Click Here for More Info

VintageView Vinolet Wine Racks

The Vinolet Wine Rack is a new line by VintageView. This rack hangs on your wall and holds 4 wine bottles and 4 glassware and has a shelf on the top for display or additional storage. The initial shipment of Vinolet racks did not meet the usual quality control standards of VintageView and are thus offered as factory seconds.

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